Camp NaNoWriMo Recap | Week One



One week in, I’ve already realized that deciding to participate in April Camp National Novel Writing Month was one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

It’s only been seven days, and I’ve:

  • had fun
  • did countless wordsprints with cabin mates
  • had fun
  • wrote twenty thousand words
  • had fun
  • exceeded my expectations
  • had fun
  • woke up early and stayed up late
  • had fun
  • and lastly, had fun

You’ll get a weekly update from me throughout Camp NaNoWriMo, in which I overload you with snippets (these are raw and unedited, so don’t judge), wordcounts, and writerly chronicles of each day!

This is the first, so buckle up! *rubs hands together evilly*


~ day one ~

Today’s Wordcount: 2,503

Total Wordcount: 2,503

Day One was pretty exhilirating.

Let’s just say I HAD A LOT OF FUN. Way too much fun.

It was November, when fragile leaves hung loosely from the boughs and when things were bound to happen. Stories were bound to collide and weave together; stories that would later be told around the fireplace; stories that people would someday shake their heads and smile at.

I originally thought Camp NaNo was all about stress and trying to write even though you don’t feel like it. But on my first day, the very moment I began writing the first words of Feathers Of Diamond, I was immediately was like “I LOVE WRITING.”

I was planning to write before church, but I ended up waking up late so I didn’t get any words in. After church, I ate lunch with my family and then spent like, four hours working on my Easter post over at Stuffie Adventures. 2/3 of the day was gone by then, but that didn’t daunt me! I sailed right into a MyWriteClub wordsprint with Sapphire — my first MWC wordsprint ever! — which was like, the most fun thing in the world. Later, I wrote some more, and then stopped halfway through because my dad wanted me to take a walk with him. XD I afterwards did a wordsprint by myself, and then another two wordsprints with Chloe! And then several more wordsprints with myself until I reached the grand total of 2.5k. I was so proud of myself, it was kind of funny. XD

Katarina watched on in admiration as she then transferred it to her palette and added a drop of water, making it light red. As more drops of water was added, the paint grew ever lighter, until finally it melted into a mellow pale pink. Elise dabbed her brush into this mixture and conveyed it onto her canvas, meticulously leaving out a bit of space for a highlight. She’s drawing a flamingo, I think, thought Katarina. Mesmerized, her eyes followed her sister’s fluid motions.

As you can see, most of my writing that day consisted of wordsprints. I can’t help it, though, wordsprints are fun, okay? I love sprinting with my writerly friends; it’s especially effective for someone competitive like me. 🙂

Katarina started, and glanced up at the clock. It was 4:31 in the afternoon. There I go, daydreaming again, she sighed, pinching herself in an effort to stay focused. She bent her head over the division problem again, retracing her steps to see where she left off. Then she found that during her bout of thinking, she had unknowingly written the words “i am worthless” in lowercase, all over the page. Frowning, Katarina erased them, making sure none of the marks remained. Of course I’m not worthless. Now get back to the math.

IT LITERALLY WAS SO MUCH FUN. If I had known that Camp NaNo was this much fun, I’d have joined two years ago. XD


~ day two ~

Today’s Wordcount: 3,557

Total Wordcount: 6,058

I started out my morning by writing 2k. But I wasn’t writing my novel. I had to write a story for school. *sighs* But if I thought that was all the writing I was going to do for today, I was pretty wrong.

Katarina sighed and bit the end of the pen. The words weren’t coming easily; they seemed to be stuck inside of her mind as dried ink inside of a bottle. Maybe they wanted to remain there. She closed the notebook and lifted her eyes to the white, luminescent sky.

Afternoon came and I wrote for two hours non-stop. *sighs happily* It was the best feeling in the world. And then, sometime in the evening, I did a wordsprint with a few of my fellow cabin mates and got in a little less than 1k words! I was pretty happy at the end of the day because I beat yesterday’s word count by a thousand words or so, hitting 6k+ in total. 😉 I know, I know, some of you experienced campers are shaking their head at me and going like “Rebekah, three thousand words in a day is nothing.” But it’s something to me because I’m usually a slow writer…


~ day three ~

Today’s Wordcount: 2,050

Total Wordcount: 8,087

But still, Katarina could not help being just a bit uneasy about him. He seemed never to be comfortable talking about his past, and always avoided everyone’s eyes when he was forced to.

Like someone who was telling a lie.

^^ spoiler alert: and he was telling a lie. he told lots of lies. he’s the main antagonist and he’s such a liar.

Day Three was pretty normal! I spent around 2 hours and wrote 2k. I also started looking over my writing and not liking it, which gave me writer’s block for a while, but the next day, I defeated that writer’s block, so it’s okay.


~ day four ~

Today’s Wordcount: 4,433

Total Wordcount: 12,506

Merridale! A thousand thoughts rushed into Katarina’s head of her sweet home country, with the grassy fields and the green rolling plains: quite a stark contrast from Fairwyn’s cramped dwellings and screeching city noises. She would have given anything to move back there, and now she actually had a chance. Immediately, she was overjoyed, her eyes raised with incredulity and an exclamation of delight on her lips. But one look at Dad’s face dulled her pleasure: it was not filled with elation like hers. Instead, it was grim, brooding, and above all, despondent.

This was the day I wrote 4,433 words, the most I’ve written in a day so far! :O

I GOT UP AT 6:15 AM ON THE MORNING OF DAY FOUR. *rubs hands together evilly* Well, not just to write. I also wanted to get a head start on school, but pretty much all I ended up doing was writing. XD I asked on the cabin if anyone was also up early and wanted to sprint, and meanwhile, I wrote furiously by myself (and got distracted along the way, too. 😉 ) And then Chloe and Julia arrived and we did a wordsprint together, which was a lot of fun!

Jack and I remained seated at the dining table, our eyes concentrated upon our work, but our minds constantly wandering elsewhere. I was stuck on one of my mathematics problems – something about calculating increases in percentages. I started to ask Jack how to do it, but he seemed so intensely immersed in his own work that I abruptly closed my lips together after that initial intake of air, and presently I figured it out on my own.

I decided to switch to first person. *facepalm* When I had already written 10k in third person. Now, wasn’t that just classic of me? But really, I had been struggling with the third person POV, so switching to first person was something of a relief. 🙂 I’m going to wait until after Camp to edit the pronouns in the first two chapters, which were written in third.

Why are they the ones getting all the praise? I mused angrily. Everybody knew that I, Katarina Kessler, was far more sensitive to words of recognition and commendation. I’d give anything, I thought abruptly. Anything, if only I could hear the words “I’m proud of you” just for once in my life.

But then I realized that it was impossible. There was nothing to be proud of myself for.

^^ I literally almost started crying when I wrote that last sentence.

I was busy with school the whole entire day, but in the evening, I did three 25-minute-long wordsprints with Tess + Liz + Chloe. :O I WAS ON A ROLL, GUYS. I LITERALLY COULD NOT STOP WRITING. IT’S THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD.

And somehow, in the months to come, I would never forget what Uncle Art had said, nor the way in which he said it.


~ day five ~

Today’s Wordcount: 3,621

Total Wordcount: I forgot to count. XD 15 thousand something.

“You have my promise,” I said stiffly. Desmond’s expression softened slightly as he turned away.

And I kept that promise. I never told anyone what happened on the day of November 19, 876. But even then, I knew deep inside of me that he was lying.

I’m guessing my chapters are way too long. They average around 5k (eight pages) each. I’m thinking of splitting the first few, but that’s something else to do after camp!

Making a strong lunge between two men, he was thrown back so roughly that he toppled to the ground like an nine-pin.

Untrustworthy or not, he was part of my family, and these men had no right to treat him this way. Something similar to anger rose up inside of me and nearly choked me, and against my better judgment, I prepared to spring forward.

Just then, I heard Desmond’s voice ringing out.

“Good sirs!” he was saying. “Indeed, I am one of you! I am neither a foreigner nor a Christian!”

I wrote a little bit this morning… and then I wrote a lot this afternoon. School interfered with my plans, then, but in the evening, I did an epic wordsprint with Enni and bumped my wordcount up to 3k and beyond. >:) Which caused me to stay up late, but yeah.


~ day six ~

Today’s Wordcount: 2,505

Total Wordcount: 18,771

“Yes.” Dad sighed again, and poked the fire with a stick of firewood. And then, without even looking at the door or at the still figure behind it, he added unexpectedly, “Katarina, you may go back to bed now.”

I jumped. “Yes, Dad,” I spoke meekly, and trotted upstairs.

If he knew I was there, why didn’t he tell me to go to bed earlier? I wondered.

It was only years later that I realized that he had wanted me to hear every word which he said.

uhoh I just realized that the above snippet is a little similar to one of the endings of one of the chapters of one of my favorite books. hmph. I’ll need to change that.

I couldn’t write in the morning like I usually do, since math/science/school got in the way. *sighs* :/

But I wordsprinted with Liz and Julia in the afternoon and wrote one of my favorite scenes that I outlined! It was a lot of fun, trust me…

“Your friend, indeed!” Her father roared. “She will be your friend no longer.”

“She will!” cried Adrienne, her eyes flashing with loyalty.

“She won’t.”

“She will!”

“She won’t.

Afterwards, I went over my previous chapters and edited them slightly. I had originally been planning to call for alpha readers, but in the end, I decided to only let Julia alpha read it. XD And that only because she was bugging me to let her (I warned her that it would be a cringefest. She paid no attention to my warnings).

I didn’t get to write in the evening, later, because there were other priorities that I needed to put first. So I ended up with 2.5k like my average seems to be! 😀


~ day seven ~

Today’s Wordcount: 0

Total Wordcount: 18,772

I was gone the whole day. When I finally got back around 8:00 PM after music theory, art, choir, doing-homework-in-the-hallway, shopping with my mom, and going to an evening church service, I couldn’t do any writing if I still wanted to get some stuff (*cough cough* math, biology, etc.) done, so my wordcount is at a zero. *nods*


And there you have it! Week One if my first Camp NaNoWriMo experience. 🙂

I’m having so much fun, it’s kind of funny. I’m not sure if I’ll maybe be able to win NaNo and hit that 50k in thirty days after all? Who knows? Check back next week for another weekly update to see how I’m rolling. 😀

If you’re doing camp, how’s it going? What’s your project about? Chat with me in the comments below! ^.^



52 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Recap | Week One

  1. Awesome job with Camp! 😄 I have literally never written so much in so short a time before. (But maybe that’s also because I finally hAd mY BrEaK. Which just ended. Sad.) Your book sounds really interesting, as well. (Every time you mentioned a Julia, I had to click on the link to see which one you were talking about 😆 We’re in the same cabin!! 😉 😄)

    Liked by 1 person

      I’m glad you find it interesting — I’m hoping to open for betas sometime in the summer! 😀
      Oh, dear, I think I’m mixing up all the Julias. XD I’m having so much fun being in the same cabin as you…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are doing a very very good job. I read the snippets and beg for more. I need more. I would totally read that book. I will totally read that book. (Speaking of, you titled it feathers of a Diamond *smirks* I feel famous. 😂) Seriously though you are doing an amazing job and it definitely sounds like you’re having fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thanks! You’ll get another share of snippets that week – so glad you liked them! (oh my, I didn’t even realize that 😂) I’m definitely having fun…
      Heeeeeeey… so… I’m gathering a few alpha readers for Feathers Of Diamond. Would you like to be one of them? It’s nothing organized or anything, I’ll just send you the link to my Google document and you can give me your feedback/suggestions on the story so far (either through email or through directly commenting on the doc or any way that works for you!) 🙂 I totally understand if you can’t!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I would LOVE to alpha read. I might not be able to do it on a schedule but I would LOVE to I would LOVE to.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome job, Rebecca!! Isn’t NaNo so fun!? I have been outlining, so April started out a little rough. But I have worked past some of the problems, so I’m rolling now, too. 😀
    Being in a cabin together is fun, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thanks! YES, NaNo is the best… I’m so glad you worked past the problems – best of luck with the rest of camp (and your project sounds so cool!)
      It quite certainly is. 😀


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