The Little Things That Make Me Happy

Happy Thursday, guys!


I’m incredibly honored to be participating in the Happy And Random Posts contest, hosted by the even more incredible Starling. 🙂 The Happy-And-Random-Posts Contest is a contest with the goal of making the world a happier place through posting about a happy and random topic that Starling gives on her blog every Monday! I think it’s an absolutely awesome way of spreading positivity in the blogging world, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

Team Bumblebee

I’m on Team Bumblebee, by the way. 😉 Go Team Bumblebee!

The topic for Round One: What you think happiness is

The world has been on a search for happiness ever since it was born. I once read a book about a man who visited several different countries to see which one was happiest and why it was that way. Really, it’s no joke that everyone wants the “secret to happiness” — everyone loves the cheerful, blithe ones and wishes they could be like them.

But I don’t think there’s one single “secret” to joy. I think it’s made out of little things.

Little components. Little moments. Little memories woven together through time.

Here are a few of those little things that constitute happiness for me:


f a m i l y


Simply put, I love my family. 😛 They’re crazy, wonderful, and so extremely different from each other that it’s quite fun to live with them! Ten years from now, many of my friends or acquaintances won’t be here for me anymore, but I’ll always have my family. And I’ll never forget the Thanksgiving cooking expeditions, epic late night Quiz-Up tournaments, wacky conversations, and uncontrollable laughing fits. XD


f l o w e r s


Whether it’s a dandelion, a violet, or a buttercup, there’s something about seeing those little buds push open into delicate, beautiful masterpieces. Flowers are some of the prettiest things in nature (or really anywhere) that I’ve ever seen! I absolutely love seeing the yard come to life with all the different wild varieties.


m u s i c


I honestly think Martin Luther can put it more eloquently than I can, so here:

“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.”


f r i e n d s


Ah, friends. What would life be without them, really? Intolerable and infinitely boring, that’s what. 😉 I’m really, really lucky to be able to call all my friends… well… my friends, whether those are real life or online or pen pal friends. I value close companions: they never fail to make me smile, make my day, or both!


c r a f t  s u p p l i e s


CRAFT & ART SUPPLIES! The pretty and colorful things which I use nearly every day! *drowns in scissors and glue and washi tape and markers and glitter and scrapbook paper and micron pens and highlighters and gel pens and stickers and colored pencils and watercolors and pastels and brush markers and every art supply you can think of*


o u t d o o r s


In case you don’t know this already, I’m definitely more of an outdoor person than an indoor person.

No kidding. As Anne of Green Gables would say, there’s just so much more “scope for imagination” outside. 😛 And fresh air. And breeze. And peace and quiet (at least in my neighborhood!) And new places to explore and discover.

Oh, and there’s pretty things to photograph out there, too. *gazes wistfully out the window*


c h o c o l a t e

I promise it looks much better than in this photo. Our pantry doesn’t have very good lighting.

One word: yum. Would you look at that decadent, velvety, fudgy dark chocolate-y goodness… ^^


s u r p r i s e s


I’m a very inconsistent person, and I like to mix things up once in a while to make them more interesting. Hence, surprises!

Whether it’s making them for other people or receiving them myself, surprises never fail to make me smile! I mean, who won’t be happy when they receive a sweet note in the mail, or a gift, or something thoughtful done for them?


b o o k s


OOHHHHHHH BOOKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. *hugs all my precious little bookies*

Enough said. Next.


w r i t i n g


I think you all very well know by now that I am a writer.

Deal with it.

And obviously, as a writer, I like writing.

So insightful.

And obviously, since I like writing, I can safely say that it makes me happy.

So deep. *shakes head in amazement*

Anyways, I couldn’t live without writing. I always get really giddy and happy writing out my favorite scenes. XD And developing characters and talking to them and acting out my stories and daydreaming over plots and grinning evilly over plot twists and all that!!


c o d e


Computer programming is da best, ‘kay? I started about… two years ago? and have become extremely obsessed.

It’s kind of like writing: there are rules you have to adhere to, but the rest is up to oneself. Just get the creative juices flowing and soon you’ll have a program in your hands. >:)


c a m e r a s


To me, cameras are some of the best things in the world. I mean, photography is just plain fun, and videography is even better. I’m extremely grateful for our camera — I use it nearly every day! 😉


h a n d l e t t e r i n g


There’s something infinitely satisfying about sitting down at your desk with a piece of paper and a brush pen, and emerging half an hour later with a masterpiece. I’m quite new to this art and like AHHHHH EVERYONE IS SO GOOD AT IT (if you don’t believe me, just check Pinterest XD) and hopefully I’ll get better at handlettering soon! Practice makes perfect, right?


t h e  b i b l e


And last but certainly not least, the Bible! I’ve been doing the National Bible Bee for several years, and it’s really helped me go beyond le simple answers in Sunday School (not that I’m saying anything against Sunday school XD) and actually going deep into all the awesomeness and digging out eternal reward.

AND SPEAKING OF THE NATIONAL BIBLE BEE. it’s an absolutely a m a z i n g competition of Bible memorization and study, and you can register for the Summer Study right HERE (and then if you make it to Nationals and come, we could meet each other now would that not be EPIC or what).


And that’s it for now! If I went through the whole list, this post would probably be five miles long.

Total Contest Points: 33. Correct me on this if I’m wrong! 3 for posting, 2 for completing the LC (I used cheerful, blithe, and joy), and 28 for the 14 photos I submitted (2 points for each one). 😀

And those are just a few of the lovely things that give me joy! ❤ I’m thankful that God put so much beauty into the world for us to enjoy.

What are some of the things that make YOU happy?



26 thoughts on “The Little Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Ahh Rebekah this was super great! Yes all those amazing hand-letterers on Pinterest! I remember when I first started hand lettering, it looked um interesting. I am getting a little better so that’s good! 😉

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