Camp NaNoWriMo Recap | Week Three

Project Stats Week 3

UHHH GUYS. Can you believe that we’re 2/3 of the way through April?

That means we’re also 2/3 of the way through Camp NaNoWriMo. :O

camp nano snip

Here’s the continuation of my weekly recap series — check out Week 1 and Week 2 here! Basically, I’ll recap each day of the week writing-wise, with a diary-entry-like format!

So if you’d like to see daily word counts, total word counts, snippies (and funny typos), and a chronicle of each day, keeeeeeeeeeep scrolllllllllllling.


~ day fifteen ~

Today’s Wordcount: 2,650

Total Wordcount: 31,247

“Hello,” I greeted, running to him and flinging my arms around me.

Can you spot the hilarious mistake in the above sentence? 😂 I literally died laughing when I saw it. I shared it with the cabin and then one of my cabin mates was like “I’m going to do that tonight when I see people” and I died laughing again.


I pretty much wrote for almost two hours straight, this morning. It felt so good to finally be able to write freely again, after almost a whole week of intense writer’s block! I definitely didn’t write at the crazy speed I usually do, but that’s fine because I think it helped me get in better quality writing. 🙂

“… Skyske fought valiantly, inspiring his men with his fierce bravery and always in the thickest part of the battle. He was shot off his horse and died almost instantly. Skyske will remain a legacy and an example of heroism in the face of-”

Dad abruptly slammed his hand against the radio, his breathing rapid. His fists were clenched, and his shoulders shook visibly.

I love Sundays, because my afternoons and evenings are always completely free. Perfect for catching up on Camp NaNoWriMo!

“Emelie! Elise! No!” I screamed, writhing on the floor as lethal flames leaped up from the crater that the bomb had created. Smoke filled my nose and stung my eyes, and in the distance, I saw Jack fall to the ground as a section of the rooftop collapsed upon him. Everyone’s shrieking became a meaningless roar in my ears as I tried desperately to breathe. Only I couldn’t. Blackness swirled around me, and I felt myself sinking deeper and deeper into some kind of painless oblivion…

I woke up to find myself bathed in sweat and thrashing to and fro among the blankets. Pure relief flooded through my body when I discovered that it had only been a nightmare.

^ I like writing nightmares. XD XD It’s fun, okay?

Throughout the evening, I wrote in-and-off until finally reaching the grand total of 31.2k. It felt SO good — I was on fire and I literally couldn’t stop writing. Plus, I finished Chapter 7 (a chapter that had been bothering me) and sent it off to my alpha readers!


~ day sixteen ~

Today’s Wordcount: 2,107

Total Wordcount: 33,005

Desmond was reading the paper, his eyes glittering. He was smiling, almost maliciously.

“Are there good news this time?” Jack asked hopefully, catching sight of Desmond’s face as he drowned his flapjacks in syrup.

“No,” Dad cut in before he could say a word.

“No, no,” Desmond followed up. “It says here that yesterday, a brigade of Fairwynian soldiers attacked the ammunition supplies hidden in the cavern at Tenners Ridge.”

“Then why did you look happy?” Jack persisted.

^^ Yeah, Desmond. Why did you look happy? 😂 I have fun making my charries ask dumb questions.

Like always, I hurried through my math practice set and allowed myself some time for writing before moving on to my other subjects. This time, I allowed myself more than an hour. XD XD I couldn’t help it, guys, I was on a roll!

Well, actually, I was going pretty slow. BUT STILL. I WAS ON A ROLL.

“There is another option,” Dad countered.

“And what’s that?”

“That there was one among those ten people who either is a traitor, or who let the information slip by chance.”

Desmond frowned. “I prefer not to think about that possibility.”

Chapter 8 was one of those lucky chapters which aren’t giving me that much trouble… I can tell you, it was quite a relief from Chapters 6 & 7, which were conspiring mutiny.

And then I wordsprinted with the AWESOME Kendall and Liz! It was really cool because for the first time in several days, I hit 1k within an hour, over 2k couting what I did in the morning. A pathetic speed, I know, but I never said that I was a fast writer.

(In fact, I’m pretty slow. XD)

“His eyes looked full of fun, as if he knew this was all just a little test,” I piped up quietly. “He had a scar on the right side of the face, and when he stooped down, his ankle twisted slightly as if it had been sprained several years ago.”

^^ I hope this snippet showed Katarina’s observant, empathetic side? Hm.

Oh, and I detoured away from my outline and made up a cool new scene. It helps contribute to the slow but sure action that’s leading up to the main inciting incident, and I had fun with it. 😀 It was rather poorly written, but I hope my alpha readers don’t mind!


~ day seventeen ~

Today’s Wordcount: 0

Total Wordcount: 33,005

So basically today I was really busy with things, thus my word count of 0. >_<

For some reason, I’m not hitting the crazy 3.5k averages that I had during my first few days of writing. Maybe my energy levels are going down? Oh, well, I’m ahead of my goal right now, so it shouldn’t matter too much.


~ day eighteen ~

Today’s Wordcount: I-forgot-to-count

Total Wordcount: 35-thousand-something

“Good, good,” praised the officer, clearing his throat. “Next time do it a little quicker. Left gunner! Fetch the gunpowder. Right gunner, prime the piece and load it with the powder. No, that’s too little. Yes, that’s just right. Left gunner, keep ready to fire at my command.”

Since ammunition was scarce, the soldiers only went through the motions of actually firing the cannon. Every ten to twelve rounds, a dipper of water was used to dip the sponges in and cool the piece of artillery. The officer nodded.

Today was great.

It definitely made up for yesterday.

I wordsprinted with Julia Rose in the morning. It was pretty awesome. Though the whole time, she was literally 500 words ahead because I was going so slow. XD And the reason I was going so slow is that I was trying to describe the process of a group of soldiers loading a cannon… yet I didn’t know how to load a cannon. So I had to Google it and find out. (snippet above)

Recklessly, the Fairwyanian army pushed even farther into the mainland, taking cities as they went. Men, desperately loyal to the end, were dropping and dying on the battlefields. Only a few precious victories were won, and those were small. It seemed as if nothing could keep back the relentless wave of those unyielding men, with the sign of the tiger on their uniforms and an inscrutable mockery on their faces.

But yeah, sprinting with my twinzie was fun! 😀 And it got me extra competitive, because she wrote like, 1k in thirty minutes, leaving me behind in the dust with 400 words. XD NOT GONNA LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN.

“Freedom is worth dying for,” he had said dully to our family, once. His blue eyes had lost much of their sparkle. “And yet, if all die, who is left to be free?”

It was when he said things like that, when Dad put his head in his arms, when Mama pressed her lips together into a tight line, when the soldiers glanced at each other in mutual exhaustion, and when the names of the captured children were read off, that I wished that I could do something. Something admirable, honorable, and unequivocally exciting.

Yet I couldn’t. I had to just go on, desperately trying to work hard and prove myself the best at everything that I was capable of doing.

And even that wasn’t much.

^^^ awwwwwwww this is probably one of my favorite snippets from the book so far (not that that’s saying much but yeah) In our Camp NaNo cabin, we often share “snippets of the day” with each other. I shared the first part of this one, that day, and my cabin mates actually seemed to like it… ❤ They were like “woaaaah that’s deep” and I was just grinning and smiling over here. xD

I also finished Chapter 8 and did some rough editing on it, then moved on to Chapter 9 and got in a good headway!


~ day nineteen ~

Today’s Wordcount: 3,367

Total Wordcount: 39,337

Still indecisive, I could do nothing but stand nervously at the door and wait for someone to notice my presence.


Me sitting in bed in the darkness at 5:30 AM, when nobody is awake and the house is quiet: Should I get up or should I not get up? If I get up, I could write and get a head start on school… If I didn’t get up, I could sleep… But I really wanna write that scene… Actually, I kind of don’t want to write that scene. It’s pretty boring. Never mind, I think I’ll get up. Actually, I think I’ll go back to sleep. But then, I might not have time to write during the day.

“It’s a large fort in a deserted part of Norwick,” he began to explain, in a slow and mysterious voice. “Twas where king after king before me stored ammunition, armor, and supplies, in case there was a great time of need. I suppose that time is now. Each king told the secret to the one after him, and…” Alistair pressed his fingers against his temples, desperately trying to remember. “Yes, my father told me. That’s how I know.”

It’s called indecisive. XD

I finally did get up, though, in case you were wondering. Then my twinzie came on, too, and we sprinted! It was the closest I’ve ever been to 1k in 30 minutes, so I was kinda giddy about that… So anyways, that was fun.

Later in the evening, I got my act together and…

I accomplished the goal I had been wanting to accomplish for an extremely long time.



I know, I know, that’s not very impressive at all. XD XD But you see, it was an accomplishment for me, because I’m usually lucky if I can get 1000 words in an hour.

Yet the more I thought about the paramount importance of this secret, the harder it was for me to act normal. Trying to divert my thoughts, I only succeeded in further imagining the feeling of failure.

I’m afraid, I thought. I’m afraid of failure, though there’s no chance for me to fail.


I closed Chapter 9 with a big bit of foreshadowing, as you can see above. 😉


~ day twenty ~

Today’s Wordcount: 2,885

Total Wordcount: 42,222

The morning of Day 20 was prettyyyyyyyyyyyy funnnnnnnnnnnn…

Actually, make that reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy funnnnnn…

le wordsprint.JPG


(The all caps and the over-use of the word “fun” doesn’t do it justice. XD)

It’s so nice to have a writing community. *sighs happily* I seriously loved sprinting with my fellow cabin mates, and ranting with them over killing characters (the poor Arendale, Chloe *wails*) and hilarious outlines!

His comrade crouched. His head disappeared beneath the tall grass as he took a closer look at the footprints.

“And gee whiz,” he said in complete shock, his head popping back up. “Look at these.”

It was a child’s footprint. And it was exactly in the position it would have been in if the child had been walking between the three soldiers.

There was one suspicion that everyone had thought of at the very beginning, which they all refused to accept. Yet it had been a possibility. And here was the confirmation.

And speaking of wordsprints, I’ve made a new blogger friend recently – Jo from The Lens And The Hard Drive! We decided to do an hour-long wordsprint in the early evening, which really helped me get out of writer’s block and ahhhhhhhhhh it was SO…. fun!

(yes, I know I’m using the word “fun” way too many times)

Anyways, thanks for the sprint, Jo!!

Aaaaaaaaand… I reached 40k, which was something I wasn’t planning to do. :O It’s really funny because last year when I was doing Camp NaNo, I never got past Chapter 3. This year is my redemption, I guess?


~ day twenty-one ~

Today’s Wordcount: 0

Total Wordcount: 42,222

No words written today. *nods sadly*


So… that was what Camp NaNoWriMo Week Three was like for me! Check back next week for Week Four… in which you’ll see if I ultimately reach my goal or not. 0_0 And in which you get more day recaps, wordcounts, and lame snippets.

If you’re in Camp, whether you’re way ahead of your goal, way behind it, or somewhere in between, I think you’re doing amazing!! For one, it’s mindblowing that you can even write (and not keep bashing your head against the keyboard like I do). And it’s even more impressive that you’ve actually undertaken this month-long challenge — even if you end up with only 30 words, that’s 30 words you wouldn’t have written otherwise. 🙂

And if you are doing camp, I challenge you to give me the funniest snippet from your project in the comments below. XD


P.S. Shout-out to all my cabin mates — you guys are awesome! I literally don’t think that I would’ve kept on writing if it weren’t for the community out there. ❤


36 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Recap | Week Three

  1. EEEP i’m so proud of you! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to alpha read lately – I promise I’m still into it, I’ve just been crazy crazy busy.
    I haven’t been writing anything funny recently, but I did realize that one of my characters was extremely communist and that made me laugh psychotically because i’m weird like that? ehehe.
    keep up the AWESOME work! much love and encouragement from over here ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thank you! ❤ That's totally fine!! Life can be pretty crazy sometimes, so take your time with alpha reading. 🙂
      Ahahaha that kind of thing makes me laugh too XD XD
      Thank you SO much for the encouragement, Tess! Same to you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘ “Freedom is worth dying for,” he had said dully to our family, once. His blue eyes had lost much of their sparkle. “And yet, if all die, who is left to be free?” ‘
    Words of the wise, my dear – words of the wise. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I just finished prepping my novel, but now I have absolutely no idea on how to kick of the first chapter! XD It’s funny because I really just want skip to certain chapters and write them, but then the book won’t make any sense. XD XD I suppose I’ll just have to keep working on getting it started! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. AAHHHH YOU’RE KILLING ME WITH ALL THE SUSPENSE!!! Thank YOU for sprinting with me, it helped a lot! Also, this is strange, but one of my characters has as scar on his cheek too. Whaddya know? Keep it up, can’t wait for next week’s update!- Jo
    P.S I almost called you by one of my charries’ names! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, thank you! I actually can’t do it with school essays, either, because I’m slower when it comes to analytical writing… though sometimes I can manage it when I get to a fun scene!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wordsprinting was so much fun!! You are doing amazing with your goal!
    Ah, well if you’ve kept up with the zillion messages in the cabin feed, you’ll have seen my snake snippet from my scene outline… the other funny one is this, from my character interview (and this is my protag talking)… “When I was in seventh grade, I enrolled in public school for the first time. I was so scared about being around all of the people that I pretended- for the first month- that I was recovering from a vocal cord surgery, just so I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone. In the end, I should have simply told the truth, because as soon as I ended my facade, dozens of students peppered me with questions about my surgery, all of which I could not knowledgeably answer.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it certainly was!! And aww, thank you so much!
      *looks for your snake snippet but sadly can’t find it amidst the avalanche of cabin feed* OHMYGOODNESS XD XD XD I LOVE THAT SNIPPET! The poor protag shouldn’t have tried that pretense, it apparently didn’t turn out very well… XD *dies of laughter*


  6. You are doing really, really good. It sounds like you had a ton of fun. I can’t wait for you to write more because I love the story so much! I have’t actually read chapter 10 yet, but I will soon. I really like the freedom snippet. Speaking of snippets, while I’m not doing camp, my weirdest snippet is, “The door creaked open and screams erupted from the Stone children,” or something like that. Interestingly enough it’s actually a quite happy scene.

    Liked by 1 person

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